Fresh to Death Fitness Madrid


  1. Feeling a noticeable difference after my 3rd class! Core Pilates in Retiro, on a Saturday afternoon, is awesome! I'll definitely be back! Cheers!
  2. Sara's classes are simply addictive to me: fun, challenging and a pure joy to follow! Love her classes so much! Saturday Barre HIIT is my ultimate favourite one.
  3. Sara never lost enthusiasm and kept us motivated the entire way through. She was understanding and helpful when it came to different poses and also made a point to go around and adjust people. Sara is so kind and great at what she does. My body felt amazing leaving her class.
  4. Sara is an amazing teacher & I love her classes! She mixes up the routine every week so you never get bored & your body is constantly challenged. Sara is fun & motivates you to keep going. She even adapted the classes so I could continue Pilates throughout my pregnancy. I can't recommend her classes enough!
  5. I started doing group classes in July 2015 and saw immediate results. I began taking private classes and have been each week ever since. The classes are designed specifically for me. My body has noticeably changed. Sara's"can do" attitude helps me to push myself to places I never thought I could get to physically. I highly recommend her private classes.
  6. I have been having private lessons with Sara for four months. I really enjoy the lessons, and appreciate the way she manages to ignore my complaining and make me work! She plans lessons that target my weak areas and has made a real difference to my whiplash injury. I'd recommend her to all.
  7. Hard! Of course, in a good way. I love Sara's classes. She seems to have a knack for finding those muscles that don't get worked anywhere else. Fun music, effective exercises, and done in an hour!
  8. I went to a group Cardio Barre class when I was visiting Madrid. The class was engaging and challenging, but had lots of modifications for beginners like me! Sara is a positive teacher who really wants you to succeed! Definitely check out Fresh to Death Fitness!
  9. Fantastic instructor, fantastic and wide-ranging routines. I had private classes with Sarah and cannot praise the classes enough. I have slimmed down and toned my body and feel healthier and more energetic solely as a result of these classes. I recommend her private classes to everyone!
  10. Sara introduced me to pilates and I've been hooked ever since. One of my highlights of living in Madrid, these classes brightened up my week without fail. A REAL, tough and effective workout as well as loads of fun. Haven't found anything comparable since moving away!
  11. One of my favorite moments of the week, Fresh to Death fitness time! The atmosphere is great, Sara is really focus in make us feel good and work out our bodies. If Spanish is your mother tongue you will practice English at the same time but the important thing is that Sara makes you love to work out and feel you better!!!!
  12. I have attended Sara's classes for a year, and I couldn't be happier with the results and the nice group of people I've met. She introduces different exercises each time, she offers modifications in case you cannot reach the level, and she's uses different types of playlists to enjoy! Try a pilates, pop pilates or barre class with her, you'll not regret it!